Value Pricing

MSNA has teamed up with Ron Baker and VeraSage Institute to develop a pilot program that will give members the opportunity to go beyond theory and work through the implementation process. These webinars will be available to members (for a fee) starting in July.
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Data Analytics with Upstream Academy

In partnership with Upstream Academy, MSNA will be holding a "Launching Data Analytics" bootcamp August 7-9 at the HCVT offices in Fort Worth, TX. This program will provide a step-by-step guide to creating a successful and profitable data analytics service line within your firm.
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Digitral Transformation

Representatives from Armanino and HCVT recently shared their experiences of running an evaluative pilot of Inflo's advanced technologies and how it helped transformed their audit engagement process.

MSNA will be holding an informational webinar on May 20 to provide additional details on the Inflo pilot and how your firm can participate. Click here to learn more about the program.

Dynamic Growth Academy

Previously Leadership Growth Academy
Click here to view the DGA brochure. Click here to learn more about the first graduating class.